I signed up for Amazon in 2012. Those were the Kindle years, and I started as a humble marketing translator, doing tons of technical and internal communications. 

As the years passed, I became more and more familiar with the account on an internal level, learning what they expected and how they wanted it. From its technical glossary when I was doing Kindle product descriptions to the more nuanced linguisitc choices when I started doing my first headlines for banners and interstitials, I progressively learned to put Spanish words to every smile of their logo :)

I now adapt and keep an eye on all of Amazon's advertising in Spain, from TV and radio ads to Facebook posts. 

These few examples represent an infinitesimal portion of my work for the smiling brand.

My first job at Amazon was to translate the product descriptions on amazon.es for the Kindle devices. Descriptive and friendly web copy about the benefits of the most famous e-reader in the market. Tons of it.

Then came the localized sales copy for print ads, targeted at the Catalan audience during Sant Jordi.  

" El nuevo Kindle 


Si te gustan los libros y buscas nuevas formas de disfrutar del placer de la lectura, quizá te interese conocer Kindle: nuestro e-reader más pequeño y ligero.

Lo primero es su pantalla, nunca has visto nada igual.  Con la pantalla de E Ink de  alto contraste leerás como en papel

Podrás ajustar fácilmente el tamaño de letra y elegir entre varios estilos de fuente  para lograr una experiencia de lectura perfecta.

(...)  "

After a few years, I was ready to face the adaptation of a much more challenging copy. Amazon's TV commercials are the result of intensive creative processes that start at the best agencies in London. Every line of script, every pun, and every brand promise requires a careful localization process.

Then the voice-over process begins. It is necessary to find the right voices and make sure that all the elements that make up the advertisement will be properly interpreted by the end consumer in Spain. s.

Today, I am lucky enough to be able to help with localization at almost every stage of the process right now. From the control of the first drafts of the script, including the concept, characters, locations, and choice of music, to the final revision phase of all the formats to be released. It is a work of complete adaptation that helps me understand the full meaning of "transcreation."