Born in Barcelona, I studied English linguistics and Online Project Management at the Universitat de Barcelona.

My career began as an audiovisual translator, collaborating with several dubbing studios in Barcelona to adapt documentaries, films, and TV movies for Catalan and Spanish networks like TV3, Canal Plus and Antena 3. That paid the bills. To buy me records and go to gigs for free, I wrote for culture and music magazines for a while. Then one day someone told me that it was in ad copywriting where the big money was.

From that day on I spent most of my career writing copy and conceptualizing campaigns for big and small agencies in Barcelona. It was in one of those agencies where I met a Swiss designer, to whom I declared soon after and, in 2014 we moved to Zurich and founded our own agency: Jam'on digital.

Now I'm married, I have three daughters and a lot of records.